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Arboretum & Wildlife Center News:
Earth Day in WSU Arboretum

Celebrate Earth Day in the WSU Arboretum: Tree Planting Event

Please join us for a special Earth Day & Arbor Day tree-planting event in the WSU Arboretum & Wildlife Conservation Center. On April 22nd at 2:30 pm we will host a tree planting ceremony to dedicate several unique specimens of a Butternut tree (Juglans cinerea) of considerable historical significance to both Washington State University and all of Washington State.

These special trees are being donated to the arboretum through the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) because of their historical association with George Washington Bush (1779 - 1863), an early American pioneer who settled in the western territory that would eventually become Washington State.

Bush's eldest son, William Owen Bush, served in the Washington State Legislature and introduced the bill to establish what would become the state's land-grant university, Washington State University.

Join us at 2:30 pm in the WSU Arboretum on April 22nd to celebrate this special event to remember our history and celebrate our future by planting two small butternut trees originating from a tree brought to Washington State by George Washington Bush.

Directions to Tree Planting Site: See Map & Photos.

To learn more: about these special trees being donated to the WSU Arboretum, including their rich history and modern conservation value, see: George Washington Bush and The Giant Butternut.

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Nature @ WSU: Are Worms Natural? The Global Worming Debate

"Earthworms are not natural! Not even a little bit! At least they're not natural if they're are non-native, introduced earthworms that are devouring the forest floor and radically changing the ecology of some hardwood forests in the northern United States."

To learn more about why worms are, or are not natural, see our science and sustainability blog series, Nature @ WSU. And see the video link there to watch and learn more about the mysterious,
Giant Earthworms.
2014 Internships
Announcement: Summer Internship Positions Available with the WSU Arboretum & Wildlife Conservation Center on the Pullman Campus

Students seeking a full-time summer job and challenging and interesting internship opportunities on the WSU Pullman campus are invited to apply for paid internship positions with the WSU Arboretum & Wildlife Conservation Center. We anticipate having at least two paid summer internship positions dealing with arboretum land management, garden development, and managing volunteer projects and restoration activities.

For more information (see Paid Internship Program) and to apply for the paid internship positions, please send us an email by using the Contact link at the bottom of this page.